How you can Enjoy Local Cuisine in Chennai having a Travel Partner

Probably the most exciting of travel may be the Food Safari that can take both you and your Travel Mate to various places to taste different cuisines. Let’s check out the neighborhood cuisine of Chennai for that Travel Buddy, both street food and also the traditional dishes.

Traditional Dishes of Chennai

The Nayak Rulers offered Madras (the initial name of Chennai) to East India Company on August 22, 1639. The deep-rooted traditions and lengthy heritage make Chennai the culture capital of South India. And, what’s culture with no food? This is actually the list of the largest dishes that fashioned traditions because the olden occasions.

Idli Dosa

Idli is really a steamed dish produced from fermented grain batter and goes named “Indian Cake”. It will be quite tasty so partake from it together with your Travel Companion on your visit to Chennai. The Dosa can also be made from fermented grain batter but it’s spread on the hot iron plate and fried crisp.

Grain Sambar

Grain may be the staple food of south Indians. The associated curry is sambar, a dish produced from yellow lentil and tamarind paste. Your Travel Friend will certainly such as this greatly because it is quite scrumptious.

Puliyodharai Payasam

Puliyodharai is created by mixing tamarind paste and grain. It’s supported by coconut chutney and papad and adopted up through the sweet dish payasam.

Vada Onion Pakoda

You should check the local Dating Site to obtain restaurants that provide Vada (produced from black gram dal paste) and fried in oil. Onion pakoda is yet another scrumptious fried dish resembling Vada.

Kesari Sweet Pongal

The Disposable Travel Dating website can place places in which you obtain the savory known as kesari. This is made of semolina. Pongal is really a sweet grain dish usually ready for festive occasions.

Traditional Snacks

Snacks create a day grow better and refresh both you and your Trip Mate when you’re feeling dissipated using the lengthy sightseeing tour in Chennai.


The king of snacks may be the Murukku fried savory produced from seasoned grain paste. It’s the ideal factor to possess whenever you Meet Women in Chennai since it helps make the conversations flow easily.


This is actually the sister savory to Murukku that you could have whenever you Date Travelers since it is so munchy and lightweight. Seedai is small , round like peanuts and it is produced by frying grain batter.

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