Know why lemon tek magic mushroom is best

A kind of magic mushroom that has psilocybin in it is called lemon tek. It is a non-psychoactive mushroom and has a faster effect because of which after consumption psilocybin is converted into psilocin. It is a kind of mushroom trip and is consumed to get instant mushroom results.

To hide the taste of magic mushrooms lemon tek is used and the process to consume magic mushrooms in lime juice is called lemon tekking. Generally, people use lime or lime juice because they don’t like the taste of dried mushrooms. Also, using lime helps them to get a stronger flavor of mushroom for a long period.

Many people use the traditional method to consume magic mushrooms, which requires lemon tek, and mushrooms. For consumption, you just need two lemons, or you can also take lime juice per dose. You will also need a glass and thick cloth to filter mushrooms. At first, you can use a normal dose of dried mushrooms.

Guide to consume lemon tek

For consuming it follow the steps given below –

  • At first, you need to crush the dried mushrooms to make them into powder form. When you are finished crushing it you need to put the powder into a piece of glass shot.

  • Take a lemon and squeeze it over the powder in a glass, and make sure the powder is completely dipped in the lime juice.

  • Stir the mixture, and leave it for 15-20 minutes.

  • Now you have to drink it as a shot.

People who have nausea problems can remove mushroom strain from the juice with the help of a coffee filter.

How does lemon tek feel?

  • As it is a traditional method, so it gives a quicker and stronger magic mushroom effect.
  • It has intense effects and it also affects the entire body after you will consume it. It also gives the feeling of comfort and relaxation. The juice is neither harsh nor dynamic.
  • If you want high-quality then you should use micro0dosing of lemon tek.
  • People usually take lemon tek because it helps to avoid the feeling of nausea after the consumption of mushrooms.
  • If you took the proper dosage of lemon tek, then you will not need to choose any other resource to get psilocybin.

After consuming lemon tek it will take two hours after consumption to effect, and the effect lasts for 6-8 hours. As lemon has vitamin C, so it helps to prevent oxidation of psilocin. It will start working in the stomach without losing psychedelic compounds as it undergoes the digestive process.

It has a special kind of enzyme that helps in breaking down chitin. Lemon tek helps in solving several digestive problems, and people enjoy consuming it because its use is simple, and give quick results. it also gives a strong flavor and taste to mushrooms. lemon tek also helps in treating anxiety, addiction, depression, and PTSD. For easier digestion and better flavor, you should consume it in a tea form.

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