Main Factors That Contribute to Car Shipping Rates 

Car shipping has never been an easy job. Locating the vehicle from one place to other sounds like an ordinary job, but in reality, it is an ordeal. Since it is a very resource exhausting job, it exacts a sufficient amount of money. This leads to people believing in driving their car to the new place, but they are massively mistaken. 

Driving your vehicle from one place to another is not only risky, but is also destructive for the health of the vehicle. Driving the vehicle to the new location is possible only if the new place is attached by road to the old place. However, the highways are a very dangerous place and are prone to accidents. Besides that, the journey takes a toll on the health of the car.

Many factors regulate the cost of car shipping. However, the Main Factors That Contribute to Car Shipping Rates are the location, the season, size of the vehicle, etc. if you are planning to ship the vehicle from one place to another then you must consider availing the service of Ship A Car, Inc. they are one of the most reputed players in the business.

They understand that you love your car, which is why you are shipping it. They take care of your care as if it is theirs and they take all the safety measures and precautions, which are necessary to ensure a safe, sound and timely delivery of the vehicle. They also give you the option of doorstep delivery or commercial area delivery. 

Factors that impact the car shipping rates

1- The location – no matter where you are planning to relocate, the location and distance is going to be the governing factor that affects the rate of shipping your vehicle. The location influences the shipping in more ways than one. If your destination is a major city, then the shipping charges would be relatively less. 

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2- Season- it might sound weird but there are some seasons when the car shipping rates are relatively higher than the other times. The spring and the fall season are the busiest of them allowing the movement of the residents between their summer and winter homes. The vehicle transportation cost also goes up when the roads are dangerous. 

3- Flexibility in the delivery time – when you engage a car shipping company, they will assign a particular date for your delivery. If you want a delivery, which is sooner than the time, then you would have to pay extra money for it. The reason for this is that they would have to engage extra resources for your expedited delivery. 

4- Size of the vehicle – the size of the vehicle is another governing factor. Large vehicles are very expensive to deliver because they take a lot of space. Some big vehicles require separate trucks, which increase the cost of shipping.


Car shipping is not an easy job. The shipping cost is dependent on multiple factors that are not limited to one place. The global trends also determine the cost of shipping. 


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