Amsterdam advises ‘wild’ young male visitors to clean up their bucks parties

Amsterdam is urging young men to be respectful and not go crazy and unruly on their bucks night parties. 

The local government of the Dutch capital said in a news release that a new online campaign to combat nuisance tourism, which targets young tourists, was launched.

When travelers look up phrases like “Bucks night in Amsterdam,” ” Amsterdam cheap accommodation” , or ” Amsterdam’s pub crawls ” online, a video ad alerting them to the dangers of excessive drinking, drug use, or troublemaking through antisocial behavior will play.

The capital of the Netherlands started a new online campaign earlier this year to combat nuisance tourism. To spread its message, the government has jumped on the social media bandwagon. Following images and videos of bucks acting inappropriately. And young men being arrested for public indecency or young men passing out and almost dying of alcohol poisoning.   

Coming to Amsterdam for a messy night can be more than expensive than getting trashed. You could end up with a €140 fine and a criminal record. One night of debauchery can quickly escalate. The Netherlands has gone through a cleanings period and re-evaluating their red-light districts. 

Are you visiting Amsterdam to buy drugs? Don’t!

Coming to binge on marijuana and look at naked and windows with women in various states of undress might still be right but having drunk, randy tourisms fill up your streets every day or weekend can be a nuisance. 

Amsterdam has been taking action against people who visit for dubious reason. Yes, Marijuana is legal and the red-light district has served as a shining example of what a redlight district can do for tourism  however, than other major European cities when it comes to curbing over-tourism and nuisances.

To make the city more attractive for its citizens and tourist who come for other reason like, the government has opted for “restriction instead of irresponsible growth”. Weekends can be chaotic for a lot of the people in the City, thousands stream in for one reason or another and groups of men rush into the city where the majority of the action takes place.

The Netherlands’ government has launched stay away campaign. The target has been EU nationals but the laws are applicable to any tourist from any country including Australia.

The campaign has seen “Stay Away” posted everywhere campaign.

You can find Social media and physical signage that issue warnings to travelers about drinking and driving, buying drugs from street vendors and even urinating in public and other related topics.

In addition, the city council is in talks with bachelor party suppliers to figure out how to reduce the number of unwanted guests in the city center while it awaits study results about the viability of enacting a tourist tax.

Amsterdam announced a ban on street marijuana use in addition and several restrictions on alcohol consumption in as well as general guidelines on how to behave in public. Amsterdam is renowned for a lot of things all of which are overshadowed by redlight strip clubs. The city is still obliged to protect its citizenry and do something when they complain of nuisance tourists.  

The moral of the Story: Don’t be a nuisance in other countries, nix the destination party and stay closer to home at a strip club like Showgirls Bar 20.

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