Celebrating Life: The Significance of Cremation Jewelry

Losing a loved one is never easy, but many people find solace in holding onto something that reminds them of the person they have lost. Whether it’s a piece of clothing or a cherished photo, mementos can provide comfort and help us to keep our loved ones close. For those looking for something truly special, cremation diamond jewelry provides an incredibly meaningful way to honor the memory of a lost loved one.

What is Cremation Diamond Jewelry?

Cremation diamond jewelry is an incredibly unique form of memorial jewelry created with cremated remains or hair. The ashes or hair are sent to a lab where they are subjected to intense heat and pressure, replicating the conditions deep inside the earth where diamonds naturally form. This process creates a genuine diamond made from the ashes or hair of your deceased loved one – each diamond is completely unique, just like your loved one was.

The Benefits of Cremation Diamond Jewelry

Cremation diamond jewelry offers several benefits for those wishing to remember their lost loved ones. First and foremost, it is an incredibly special way to keep your departed near and dear – you can even choose which type of stone best represents their personality or spirit. Additionally, cremation diamonds are available in all shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of colors (including yellow diamonds), so you can customize your piece however you desire. Finally, cremation diamonds are also extremely durable and long-lasting; they will not fade or deteriorate over time like other types of mementos may do.

The Process of Creating Cremation Diamonds

Creating cremation diamonds takes several weeks; once the laboratory has received your material (ashes or hair), they will begin creating your diamond right away. After several weeks in production, it will be ready for inspection by experts who will determine its authenticity and quality before it is shipped back to you. You can expect to receive your precious memento within 6-8 weeks after sending in the material – if there are any changes needed during production, such as size/color adjustments etc., this timeline may vary slightly depending on how much work needs done before it’s finished.                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Cremation diamond jewelry offers those grieving the loss of a beloved family member an incredibly meaningful way to remember them forever by creating something beautiful out of their ashes or hair – something that will last forever. Not only does this special type of memorial give you an opportunity to keep them close at all times, but it also allows you to create something truly unique that reflects their individual personality and spirit in every way possible. If you’re looking for an extra special way to honor the memory of a lost loved one, look no further than cremation diamond jewelry!

Whether you choose to have your loved one’s ashes turned into a cremation diamond or use their hair as the source material, there are many different options for creating a totally unique piece of jewelry. You can choose from various shapes and colors, such as heart-shaped diamonds in pink, blue, or yellow hues; round diamonds of many sizes and shades; or even marquise diamonds that are cut to a unique length. You can also work with the jeweler to create a custom design, such as combining several diamonds into one beautiful piece or adding special engravings on the back of your diamond. In addition to these possibilities, some companies offer state-of-the-art 3D-printed pieces that allow you to add intricate details to the final design.

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