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Many are curious about Hot deals uk from how it works, the registration process, the different deal tabs, and a lot more about this amazing online community-based platform. The Hot deals uk works by the community and works for its community as well. It means it is created by the two visionary men: Jen Nikkel and Paul Nikkel to allow the community to become part of this online platform in sharing their products and purchase deals with honest rates and reviews coming from the community in general. To full give you awareness to the series of questions you have in mind, here are the straightforward answers to those: 

How To Register?

These are two easy ways in making an account in hot deal uk:

  1. You can sign up using your Facebook account or Google Account. The platform doesn’t access your profile, rest assured it won’t be used for any promotional ads, etc.
  2. You can sign in via traditional ways like filling in the registration form given by their website and you are only required to provide the information: your username, your email address, and a password.

Is This Platform 100% Free?

Yes, it is. You won’t be charged for anything just like the other online platform. Maybe you’ll be charged if you purchase a product or a deal, that’s all. 

What Are the Different Deal Tabs?

  • Deals – This is the main highlight of this platform and this is what makes this community-based platform continue to work. In this tab, you can see the flash sales to seasonal sales that will greatly capture your heart in picking something. Also, you can see here the most discovered deals, the most popular, and the highlighted ones. This tab is the most visited among all. 
  • Voucher codes – In this button, this is where you can find the newest codes given by your followed sellers. 
  • Freebies – This button is solely for free deals/ products. 
  • Discussion – This is where you can see the information of the seller, user’s stories, and the communities’ conversations about a topic or a product.   

What Is the Highlights Page?

The platform’s highlight page shows the most trending deals among the available deals. It is considered the best deal/deals of all and it includes the content coming from the platforms’ community partners. Now and then, this page is being updated, users may expect that all the information you can find here is the freshness deals, which includes the hottest community find, partner exclusives, sponsored content, and editor-curated deals/products. 

Why Do I Always See The Highlights Page When I Open The App?

The highlights page is the welcoming deal of the platform where it shows the biggest mix of quality content for everyone with quality assurance when it comes to what they can offer to users and buyers in the community. If you do not like to always land on this page, you can change the default page of your app for your convenience. 

So far, those FAQs above are just some of the many questions raised about the platform. Hope that you find this article informative and relevant to your time. 

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