Find out the best free earning apps in India and how to play with them.

There are numerous free earning apps in India to play and earn cash. These games are free to play, and you as well download them for free from the apple store or google play store. If you are free or off work, these are the best apps to invest your time in.

Once you download these apps like GetMega, install them on your phone. After installing the app, open it and create your account to be verified as a member. You can link it to your Facebook account or google account. Your accounts should be legit for you to qualify in these apps.

The best free earning apps

If you want to earn real money online, the following are the best free earning apps in India to invest your time in.

GetMega app

GetMega is one of India’s best free earning apps that specializes in gaming. This app has over ten game categories that allow you to play and win cash. For card game lovers, this is the best app to play a card game. It has rummy and Texas Holdem card games. It also has casual games like carrom, pool, ludo, and fruit kaat. 

Loco app

Loco app is based on trivia games. This game involves answering questions to earn money. The question is designed to have a specific duration for giving the correct answer. If you give the wrong answer, you get eliminated from the game. One game series contains ten multiple-choice questions, each having ten seconds of answering duration. Winning the game, you must get all the questions correctly. If you refer a friend to the game, you will receive a referral bonus.

Dream 11 app

This free gaming app contains several sports like hockey, cricket, basketball, kabaddi, and football. In this app, you get paid depending on how you choose players to participate in real gaming. For instance, in fantasy cricket, a player is supposed to create a team by selecting users on the app. This team will be participating in specific matches.

Batball11 app

Batball11 is a fantasy cricket game app. When you join the app, you get a cash reward. There are also referral rewards when you invite your friend or family members. Batball11 helps you to develop your cricket game skill. The winner gets rewarded with cash and points. The game has user-friendly features like player statistics, group statistics, starting line up, and wallet transfer.

Ludo star app

Ludo star is an interesting online game that can earn cash. The game can be played with a maximum of four players and two players minimum. It has four colours: green, red, blue and yellow. The players compete by taking their tokens to the centre of the leaderboard by rolling a die. When you roll your die and get a 6 is a bonus. You can earn real cash by playing the ludo star game on the app. Also, there are some referral bonuses if you refer someone to it. You can also play ludo star on Getmega.

Vision 11 app

Vision 11 app is a free earning app that provides multiple fantasy games. Joining vision11 does not require any registration fee. They give you some bonus points once you join the platform. This game combines fantasy games like netball, cricket, and football.

Winzo app

This is a free app that offers multiple games in one place. It has card games like rummy and poker. It also has carrom, pool, ludo, and fruit samurai. The Winzo app has a lot of similarities with Getmega apps in terms of the games offered and the reward. You can earn money by playing your favourite game on the winzo app.


If you want to earn cash through gaming, you can try the above free earning apps in India because they are free. Some apps like GetMega offer multiple under one platform. At the same time, others like ludo star are single-game apps.

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