Foreign Domestic Helpers: A Look at Rights and Regulations

In many countries, hiring foreign domestic helpers has become a common practice among families. In modern households, these helpers play a significant role in managing household responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children. Though this has brought about several debates regarding exploitation and abuse of workers, the presence of foreign domestic helpers has a positive impact on the economy and lifestyle of households. In this blog post, we will discuss the role of Foreign domestic helper (外傭)in modern households.

The Increase in Hire of Foreign Domestic Helpers

In recent times, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for foreign domestic helpers, especially in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Factors that have contributed to this increase include the growing middle-class population, a decrease in the birth rate, and an increase in the aged population. In Singapore, for instance, it is estimated that over 240,000 families employ domestic helpers, with a vast majority being foreign domestic helpers.

How Foreign Domestic Helpers Benefit Modern Households

Foreign domestic helpers play a vital role in modern households today. They provide support to families by undertaking household chores such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry, thereby allowing family members to concentrate on their work or other priorities. They also take up childcare responsibilities, such as picking up children from school, assisting with homework, and providing care when parents are not home.

Issues Concerning Domestic Helper’s Rights and Welfare

Despite the numerous benefits that foreign domestic helpers bring to modern households, several issues concerning their rights and welfare have arisen. These include long working hours, low wages, inadequate living conditions, and a lack of job security. These issues have led to a debate over the treatment and exploitation of foreign domestic helpers. Several non-governmental organizations have sprung up to advocate for the rights of domestic helpers in the countries where they work.

Positive Effects of Hiring Domestic Helpers

For many households, the hiring of foreign domestic helpers makes it easier for the family to balance work and home responsibilities. It provides a secure, reliable source of assistance for families. Hiring foreign helpers can also have a significant positive impact on the economy of the country where they work. The boost to the economy mainly comes from the huge demand for foreign domestic helpers. Some economic studies have shown that the contribution of these workers in terms of taxes, remittances, and consumption outweighs the economic and social costs.

The Future of Foreign Domestic Helpers in Modern Households

While the need for foreign domestic helpers continues to rise, the treatment and welfare of these helpers must continue to improve. Governments, organizations, and individuals must ensure that the quality of life of these helpers is not compromised in any way. Countries that employ foreign domestic helpers must provide better working conditions, fair wages, and welfare support. The future of foreign domestic helpers in modern households is promising but requires an understanding and appreciation of their contributions to our lives.


Foreign domestic helpers have become an integral part of modern households worldwide. They play a crucial role in helping families balance work and home life, and their contributions to the local economy cannot be overlooked. As we continue to employ these helpers, their welfare and rights must be protected and ensured. Governments, organizations, and individuals must play an active role in providing better living and working conditions for these workers to continue to thrive. As we celebrate the many benefits of foreign domestic helpers, we must also work towards creating responsible and sustainable employment for them.

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