How Medicare Supplement Plan F and High-Deductible Plan F work

Looking at Medicare Supplement Plan F and High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan F from a distance, it is very easy to think that the two are the same. However, a closer look reveals that the two are different, at least in one small aspect. The difference between High Deductible Plan F and Plan F is the time that they become effective. High Deductible Plan F often becomes effective after you pay a certain amount of money in deductible while Plan F becomes effective immediately after you enroll. The deductible you have to meet in High Deductible Plan F is currently (2021) set at 2,370 US Dollars. These two are the Medicare supplement plans 2022 you should be considering.

Let us take a look at the two plans in terms of how they work so that you can know which plan to go for when you need to.

How Does Medicare Supplement Plan F Work?

There are so many Medigap plans that help people to pay health care costs that are not covered under the original Medicare, but none of them is as comprehensive as Plan F. With this plan, you have no out-or-pocket costs that you have to pay which are not covered by the original Medicare. That means that if you have a claim and present it to Medicare and if the same claim is approved, you won’t have any coinsurance, copays, deductibles or any other cost that you will need to pay.

Plan F offers a strong level of coverage that can be very useful in keeping your monthly healthcare cost low and manageable. You can therefore manage your budget much better with this plan. Since Plan F offers a higher level of coverage, you can expect the premiums charged to be higher too.

How Does High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan F Work?

High Deductible Medigap Plan F works almost the same as Plan F only that before the plan kicks in, you will have to pay a deductible of $2,370. Medicare will however continue to pay its usually cost of up to 80% of the medical bill. The deductible you won’t be paid for by the premiums you pay under Medicare or Medigap payment. Rather, Medigap payments and Medicare premiums will be used to foot the bill for the treatment you receive under the original Medicare.

After you have paid the whole deductible, all out-of-pocket costs will be taken over by original Medicare. Given that the cost one has to pay in form of deductibles is higher under the High Deductible Plan F, the accompanying premiums also tend to be lower. This plan is usually a good choice for people who are in good health and rarely seek medical services.

Am I Eligible for both F plans?

These plans are available to anybody who became eligible for Medicare prior to 1st of January 2020. Most people are usually not sure when they became eligible for Medicare. To be sure, you should check the start date of your Medicare Part A on your Medicare card.

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