Super fun activities to try when visiting Japan

Japan is among one of the most popular tourist destinations for spending their vacation in Japan. Its beauty and culture have taken everyone’s heart and have made it the most magnificent place to visit Japan. Inside their areas, the Japanese islands have a wide range of weather conditions and are home to several endangered wildlife species. Japan is eugenically diverse, with a wide range of activities in design, art, entertainment, cuisine, leisure, and ecology. It is the ideal synthesis of modernity and social customs.

Some of the super activities that one should do or visit in Japan are as follows:

Must try to soak in open-air hot spring

Whether in Onsen or Tokyo, both have hot air spring facilities available and offer the best services. Trying out a public bath or Japanese inn, the feel and experience of soaking in a hot spring have its own exclusive delight. This is a must-try for all the tourists when visiting Japan.

Sleep in a capsule hotel

The most famous capsule hotel is not a place to miss out when in Japan. It is a hotel in which you can stay during your trip. It is a capsule-shaped hotel, has a room of small bed size of a kid with led lights and other facilities. When looking for something on a budget to stay and feel differently and unique, the capsule hotel is the perfect place for you.

Visit ZAO fox village

Another place that one should visit when in Japan is this Zao fox village. It is a wildlife sanctuary; it has foxes in this village. The village has given homes to abandoned foxes and kept them with all love and support. These foxes are friendly to everyone who comes to visit them, you can feel, experience, and share your love by cuddling the foxes.

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