Using Technology For Social Good

Using Technology for Social Good

On the fundamental level, every single person on the planet must have the authority to shape their very own existence to their personal liking. For numerous reasons though, this is not always possible the contrasting fortune of people on the planet is very remarkable. Whether it’s because of the part of the world they live in, people that surround them or anything else, it’s indisputable that mankind is not on an amount arena.

Thankfully, some companies, non profit organizations and people recognise their fortune and therefore are dedicated to making the planet a much better spot for others. This information will concentrate on ways that technology has been utilized for social good.

Wheelman – Mobile Application

Motorized wheel chair access is a problem that almost all the earth’s population, scarcely consider. This isn’t always lower to ignorance (although, frequently it’s) speculate generally people haven’t any experience with being disabled and taking advantage of a motorized wheel chair – or even the challenges it brings by using it.

The Wheelman mobile application is made to result in the issue of motorized wheel chair ease of access simpler. Clearly, it does not make formerly inaccessible areas or structures more motorized wheel chair friendly, what it will do, it will well.

The application was created like a simple traffic light system that shows the level of motorized wheel chair ease of access to some place. The application is dependant on openstreetmap data, as the ease of access details are crowd sourced.

The Application was created in Germany, so naturally this is when it’s at its most developed (and many helpful) however, usage all over the world is beginning to improve resulting in greater detail in areas.

GoodGuide – Mobile Application

Like a race, we consume many occasions more products compared to previous years. This can be a fact it just becomes a problem when individuals don’t pause and consider in which the method is originating from or how it is doing for you. This is when GoodGuide is available in.

GoodGuide is really a mobile application made to give authoritative information regarding the health, ecological and social implications mounted on an item.

People that use the application can scan the bar code of the item and therefore are then given a rating from 10 (10 to be the best and nil the worst) in each one of the above groups.

The application is presently only useful in america and presently, there’s no free United kingdom equivalent.

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